In addition to my audiobook recordings, it has been my privilege to become involved in Audiodrama. These productions ad a new dimension to story telling as the part you play is woven together to that of other cast members as well as special effects to capture your imagination and transport the listener to far flung realities So far I’ve been involved in one audio drama series as a regular cast member as well as a few stand alone audio dramas, some of which have been released already, while others are still in production. Please feel free to follow the links below to find those that are already available.

Catch A Falling Star


  • Verity Weaver – Alena Van Arendonk
  • Fable Ashwood – Lily Howkins
  • Richardson – Jus Sargeant
  • Magda – Arti Mirwani-Daltry
  • Darl – Harriet Dunning
  • Ship computer – A.L. Ferio
  • Haz – Nigel Thomas

Production Team

  • Writer – David McCormack
  • Producers – David Holdsworth and Nina Sarkozi
  • Script Editor – Nina Sarkozi
  • Theme Music – Seeming
  • Incidental Music  – Pat Delia

The Gray Line

The Gray Line is a series of short stories with a twist, written, produced and presented by G. Norman Lippert. I am a regular cast member, appearing in many of the stories, voicing both characters as well as narrating.

India Ink

An Indian nanny who travels to Britain in 1905 with the family that employs her, but has to fend for herself when she is cast out.

Ibrahim Rahman – Narrator

Suzie Rai – Jaya

Jus Sargeant – Colonel William Edmundson/Roy Silvan/Jailer

Victoria Fitzgerald – Emmeline Pankhurst

David McCormack – Shipping Master/Winston Churchill/Chief Mate/Street Crier/Coachman

Alan Rayment – Sir Alfred Harmsworth/Woodes

Harriet Dunning – Christabel Pankhurst/Cassandria

Karen Pitt – Sara Edmundson

Hilary Beaton – Sylvia Pankhurst

Derek Murray – Captain Walker

Duncan Hess – Sir Malcolm Saunders

Margaret Sutherland – Lydia

Sakshi Sharma – Sila

Reshma Madhi – Vani

Arti Mirwani-Daltry – Chandra

Nigel Thomas – Mr Austen/Policeman

Becky Harrison – Eleanor

Margaret Ashley – Mrs Billings

Angus Scott – Sir Edward Grey

Written by Shahida Rahman and Halle Eavelyn, based on ‘The Homecoming’ by Shahida Rahman

Arranged for audio performance by Andrew Wetmore

Soundtrack by David McCormack

Directed by Nina Sarkozi

Produced by David Holdworth