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Hi, welcome to my website. If you’ve got this far you may already realise that I am a Voice-Over artist and EFL Teacher. My background is in EFL Teaching and Translation, but I stumbled into voiceover work and narration in particular in 2013, and discovered that a) I loved doing it, and b) people really seemed to like what I recorded, Consequently I have been doing it ever since.  Since I first began recording while living in Spain (recording English language Audio for a tourist trail in Granada, Andalusia), I have been involved in a radio production for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, performing the translations of interviews with people from locations situated along the Pan-American highway, I have voiced numerous Audiobooks, both Fiction and Non-fiction (details may be found within this site), several audio dramas, as well as audio for video games, tourist guides, material for radio broadcast and corporate voiceover.

Feel free to look around, either just scroll down or follow the specific links. There are pages of information regarding my work as well as links to the various sites where you can buy them (should you, of course, be so inclined).

If you would like to listen to some of my audio, check out some of the samples posted below, or follow any of the links related to any of my audiobooks as samples of each book are posted by the retailer.

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    I have recorded a variety of fiction titles, in different genres and for readers (listeners) of varying ages. Hopefully there will be something here to suit a wide range of tastes.

    Click on the title above to be whisked over to audible to listen to samples of all the book in the series and where they are available for sale.

    Tales From The Land Of Ononokin by John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young.

    I came across these stories when I was browsing online one day looking for a new series of books to read. As an avid Terry Pratchett fan, my attention was caught by these as comparisons had been drawn to his discworld series. I was taken by the opening story within the first chapters and was encouraged to send an audition recording to the authors once I realised they were not available in audio at the time. It was a delight for me when the auditions received a rapturous response and before very long I found myself contracted to record the entire series.

    Draken (The Southern Fire Series, Book 1) by S.B. Nova

    Setting out to return to her home world, a world in another dimension that until recently she had never known existed, in order to save the only mother she had known, Skyla begins a race against time to save the very world she is only now discovering.

    There Be Dragons by Anthony D. Brown

    When fellow student John Foremile turns up at his flat on a rain-sodden winter’s night, former Merchant Navy Captain Rex Slingsby thinks he’s in for just another boozy night down the pub. John, however, has come laden with a package of ancient-looking manuscripts, and Rex is soon engrossed in reading an outlandish tale of a powerful, benevolent race of Dragons and of the human wizards hell-bent on destroying them.

    Starliner (Book 1 in the Intergalactic Investigation Bureau) by John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young

    In contrast to the fantasy genre of the Ononokin series, the same writers produced Starliner, a science fiction tale. They applied the same wit and comic mastery to this tale as they did with Ononokin.

    Ruins Of Camelot by G. Norman Lippert

    As the kingdom of Camelot descends into complacency, an ambitiously sadistic madman known as Merodach advances his rogue armies, recruiting by the sword and threatening revolt. Eighteen-year-old Princess Gabriella is the only one who understands the severity of the threat, but she is powerless to convince her father or her brave commoner husband, Darrick.

    The Girl On The Dock by G. Norman Lippert

    Returning to the home of her grandfather after her final school year, Petra Morganstern is a changed young witch. Confident in her recent choices, yet plagued by dreams of what they cost her, Petra is unsure what to do with the rest of her life. Petra’s one ray of hope is her young step-sister, Izabella, whose simple-minded charm is only offset by the awful Phyllis, her hateful mother.

    The Oswain Tales by John Houghton

    Three children, Sophie, Josh, and Andrew find something very mysterious about an archway in their local park: It seems to have their own names inscribed on it. Going through the archway, they find themselves transported into another world, caught up in a battle to save the Forest of Alamore from the wicked crone Hagbane, who has stolen the Merestone – a magical stone that is essential to keep the forest alive.

    The Nomadin Trilogy by Shawn P. Cormier

    A series for young readers following the adventures of Ilien as he discovers not only who he is, but develops his abilities along the way.

    The Dracula Investigates Casebook by Andy Bruce

    From inside the thick stone walls of Castle Dracula to the dark and looming Carpathian Mountains, journey round Transylvania alongside the Count and his trusty assistant, Renfield, as they solve crimes too baffling for the police.

    This collection is made up of the following Dracula Investigates books:

    Dracula Investigates…

    Dracula Investigates the Mummy’s Purse

    Dracula Investigates the Mark of the Vampire

    Inner Space by Merlin Fraser

    The debut and opening title in the series looking into the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the investigation by DI Nick Burton as, defying orders, he delves into the questions marks that appear after the arrest of his friend and mentor for murder and his subsequent death. As Nick finds answers to his questions he discovers more questions and an unravelling mystery into a world he struggles to understand.

    House of Darke by Colin R. Parsons

    Zade, Tina, Pip, and Meadow are four teenagers enjoying an end-of-summer bike ride – that is until a mist descends, leaving them stranded at a picnic area in the middle of the countryside. What can they do?

    Stalking The Shadows by B.J.Edwards

    Stalking the shadows is a stone age battle for survival in a time of evolutionary change. Will the newly evolving Homo sapiens survive the interference of a meddling god. A gripping story of history, myth and magic intertwined.

    Wizard’s Kingdom by Colin R. Parsons

    The shadow of evil has spread over Wizards’ Kingdom, and at the center of the web is the power-crazed warlock, Evilan….

    Can the three benevolent wizards – Zendal, Crasmont and young Mydar – pool all their sorcerers’ energy together and rescue Lord Torsk?

    The James Potter Series by G. Norman Lippert

    Follow the exploits of James Potter, Harry’s son, his friends Zane and Ralph and his cousin Lily, as they experience their own adventures as they move through the years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. Produced with the aim of opening up George Norman Lippert’s expansion of the Potterverse to a blind and print-disabled readership that would otherwise miss out on the series, all five books in the James Potter Series are available on Gumroad for a only nominal fee to cover hosting and publication costs.

    Jenny Smith EFL Audiobooks on Audible.com

    I have produced a range of audiobooks aimed at learners of English. These books cover a wide range of topics to help learners develop a broad vocabulary. Some of the books target learners from specific language groups (i.e. German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese, while others are presented all in English to appeal to a wider audience.


    In addition to my audiobook recordings, it has been my privilege to become involved in Audiodrama. These productions ad a new dimension to story telling as the part you play is woven together to that of other cast members as well as special effects to capture your imagination and transport the listener to far flung realities So far I’ve been involved in one audio drama series as a regular cast member as well as a few stand alone audio dramas, some of which have been released already, while others are still in production. Please feel free to follow the links below to find those that are already available.

    Catch A Falling Star


    • Verity Weaver – Alena Van Arendonk
    • Fable Ashwood – Lily Howkins
    • Richardson – Jus Sargeant
    • Magda – Arti Mirwani-Daltry
    • Darl – Harriet Dunning
    • Ship computer – A.L. Ferio
    • Haz – Nigel Thomas

    Production Team

    • Writer – David McCormack
    • Producers – David Holdsworth and Nina Sarkozi
    • Script Editor – Nina Sarkozi
    • Theme Music – Seeming
    • Incidental Music  – Pat Delia

    The Gray Line

    The Gray Line is a series of short stories with a twist, written, produced and presented by G. Norman Lippert. I am a regular cast member, appearing in many of the stories, voicing both characters as well as narrating.

    India Ink

    An Indian nanny who travels to Britain in 1905 with the family that employs her, but has to fend for herself when she is cast out.

    Ibrahim Rahman – Narrator

    Suzie Rai – Jaya

    Jus Sargeant – Colonel William Edmundson/Roy Silvan/Jailer

    Victoria Fitzgerald – Emmeline Pankhurst

    David McCormack – Shipping Master/Winston Churchill/Chief Mate/Street Crier/Coachman

    Alan Rayment – Sir Alfred Harmsworth/Woodes

    Harriet Dunning – Christabel Pankhurst/Cassandria

    Karen Pitt – Sara Edmundson

    Hilary Beaton – Sylvia Pankhurst

    Derek Murray – Captain Walker

    Duncan Hess – Sir Malcolm Saunders

    Margaret Sutherland – Lydia

    Sakshi Sharma – Sila

    Reshma Madhi – Vani

    Arti Mirwani-Daltry – Chandra

    Nigel Thomas – Mr Austen/Policeman

    Becky Harrison – Eleanor

    Margaret Ashley – Mrs Billings

    Angus Scott – Sir Edward Grey

    Written by Shahida Rahman and Halle Eavelyn, based on ‘The Homecoming’ by Shahida Rahman

    Arranged for audio performance by Andrew Wetmore

    Soundtrack by David McCormack

    Directed by Nina Sarkozi

    Produced by David Holdworth

    EFL Teaching

    I undertook courses in EFL Teaching while studying Modern Languages at university in Cambridge in 2004, and began teaching English to non native speakers shorty after. I have taught students at all levels, both in face-to-face (classroom) and long-distance (Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom…) settings – teaching beginners and students seeking to improve conversational English, up to those seeking to pass English entrance exams for admittance to university at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

    Today I work using VOIP applications to facilitate easy remote learning opportunities. My students can be anywhere in the world, so long as they have internet, making this system of teaching the most flexible and practical given the restrictions we all face day to day with Covid-19.

    Availability for classes come up regularly so if you are interested in contacting me to discuss your EFL learning needs, then please do so via the contact form.

    If you are an existing student and need to pay for a teaching session, then please do so here or contact me for alternative methods:

    Payment for English Tuition